What do we understand by democracy? How can we regard it beyond the limits imposed by the liberal tradition? What are the challenges that the Left faces nowadays and how can the latest Latin-American experiences contribute to this matter? What role should the State have in the transformation processes? Can we think of a European populism?... One by one, the questions arise in this series of encounters between the Argentinean philosopher Ernesto Laclau and some of the greatest contemporary intellectuals. Jacques Rancière, Antonio Negri, Gianni Vattimo and Étienne Balibar are only some of the names that this documentary attempts to reunite, by means of creating a hitherto unprecedented television cycle that constructs knowledge through dialogue and encourages a critical reflection on the current political scenario, influenced by the emergence of popular regimes in Latin America, the crisis of the hegemony of the United States and the great uncertainty that surrounds the future of Europe.

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